Washington Supreme Court Case

  • Safeco Insurance vs.  Barcom 112 Wn. 2nd 575 (1989) was a wrongful death action which decided the statute of limitations in an underinsured motorist claim in the State of Washington.

Motor vehicle injury cases

  • An elderly female passenger was killed in an automobile accident. The estate received $200,000.
  • A middle-aged man driving northbound on I-5 was struck by a careening vehicle from a previous impact. The case settled for $32,000.
  • A young, married woman injured in an automobile accident near Dashpoint State Park received a routine neck injury and minor scarring below the lower lip. Case settled for $23,000.
  • A middle-aged man required arthroscopic surgery for an injured knee when his golfing partner struck him with a golf cart. This case settled for $45,000.
  • A mid-twenties male involved in a multiple car collision on I-5 northbound in Seattle received a lower leg fracture with foot complications. Case settled in mediation for $350,000.
  • Port of Seattle medical technician assisting an individual on the roadside was struck by a drunk driver causing a wrist fracture. Case settled in mediation for $300,000.

Other types of personal injury cases

  • A woman had to undergo back surgery as a result of a horse-riding accident when the horse fell on her. The defendant claimed no liability. This case settled for $75,000.
  • A little girl received minor brain damage when she fell from a parental-built play structure on local school district grounds. Case settled for $300,000.