Do I Need an Attorney?

  • If your case is auto damage only, probably not.
  • If you are injured, yes.
  • There are many steps to a successful resolution, most of which are unknown to the untrained individual. One mistake can make a good case difficult. You should concentrate on getting better, rather than managing your claim and it's many pitfalls.
  • If you are not sure, please give us a call as we would be happy to walk you through the process.

What will it cost me to hire an Attorney?

  • With us, you will not pay a retainer fee.
  • Personal injury Atorneys will typically charge a "contingency fee" of one-third plus the costs. Costs are usually advanced by the Attorney.
  • The fee is paid in full at the end of your claim.
  • All contingency fee agreements must be in writing.

What kind of Doctor should I see?

  • You should see a healthcare provider that you feel comfortable with.
  • Find a medical provider that will treat you appropriately.

Should I talk to my Insurance Company?

  • Not right away. We suggest that you receive proper legal advice before contacting insurance adjusters.

Should I sign any paperwork?

  • Absolutley NOT. Before signing any paperwork, have it reviewed by an attorney.

What is the auto damage repair process?

  • Auto damage is estimated by the shop of your choice and either your insurance company's adjuster, or the other driver's insurance adjuster. If the estimates differ (and they usually do) let the adjuster and your body shop work it out. Typically you'll get a car rental during the shop time and in some instances from the date of the accident until the car is repaired.

What if my car is totaled?

  • You are entitled to the fair market value at the time of the accident in addition to sales tax, transfer fee, unused license tab fee, and possibly some rental until the car is declared a total.
  • Most insurance companies now use other companies to evaluate totals. These companies have databases of similar vehicles that sold recently in you area.

Who is going to pay for the medical bills and wage loss?

  • First, the adverse insurance will not. That is their leverage to get you to settle quickly and cheaply.
  • If you have insurance on your car you probably have Personal Injury Protection coverage which will pay reasonable and necessary medical bills arising out of the automobile accident up to the limit you buy (typically $10,000). There is also a wage loss feature.
  • If you have no Personal Injury Protection coverage your medical insurance carrier will pay according to their contract with you.
  • Ultimately the adverse insurance company must pay you 100 percent of your medical and wage loss resulting from the automobile accident including other items of damage.

What is my case worth?

  • The value of your case can only be determined once you are discharged from your health care provider and all of your medical records, bills and other items of damage are collected. Upon thorough review an experienced attorney will be able to give you a range of value. Precise values are impossible as that would require an attorney to know exactly what a judge, jury or arbitrator would award.

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